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Run Tests



Pressing this button will open the Home Page of the PC Testing Procedures and walk the user through the testing.




Electronics Board Log



Pressing this button will open the Electronics Board Log, an Excel spreadsheet listing the history of each board by ID number.


Downstairs – USC55 > Counting Rooms

Computers all installed and operational

HV racks –

all installed, YE+ commissioned, YE- started

ME+1/1 installed and tested 

FED racks – All 4 installed, running and commissioning tests underway

           FO for plus end installed

TF rack – Crate and all boards installed – commissioning begun





Data Bases:

         >> EMDH : CMS Electronics Data Base

This starts Rack Wizard through which you can view every rack, crate and board in CMS. [Note: use “Read only”]

 The On-Detector racks are Named: XkQmn >

         X >> means on detector

         k  >> 1-5 and indicates the level, 1 = below disk, 2,3,&4 are tower levels, and 5 = at the top of the disk

         Q >> indicates which quadrant

                  +Z/-X  far   = A, R |  -Z/-X   far   = S, L

                  +Z/+X near = J, U |  -Z/+X near = V, E

         m >> indicates which disk, 3 = YE1, 4 = YE2, 5 = YE3

         n >> indicates which rack in a row, 1 = towards beam

>> Electronics Board Log : Electronics board log                        (xls)          

This Excel spread sheet is the data base of all electronics boards for the 1-peripheral crates, 2-FED crates, and 3-Track Finder crates.

It is in the official format for future inclusion into the EMDB.  Since many features of this db are not defined or implemented all the information necessary for the French INB are for now stored in this spread sheet.



>> “CSC Strip, Wire, Chamber, and Electronics Conventions  pdf    Apr’07

              Detailed document on the conventions used for CSC

>> Peripheral Crate Naming and Contents           Excel      Aug’05

              Spread Sheets showing the rack/crate name the TS designation, and the CSC (chambers) connected to each board in the peripheral crates 

>> LV Naming Conventions                                    Excel      Jan’08

              Spread Sheets listing the LV connections from the Maraton supplies, along with the naming conventions for DCS, Cables.

>> USC55 Layout Electronic Rooms                     ppt          Nov ‘06

              Computers in USC55                                 Excel      Apr ‘07

>> UXC55 Layout Detector Cavern                       ppt          Jan‘08



Mapping from Trigger Sectors to PCrates to Maratons




Last edit: 2010/08/03  (FG)