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Note: These pages refer to the 2004-2008 SliceTest activities of the CMS Endcap Muon group. This page and the links it points to serve as an archive and will not be further updated. However, we like to keep the links “alive” so please contact the maintainer if you find any dead links”. Thanks!



Welcome to the central repository for all material related to the Slice Test of the CMS Endcap Muon (EMu) detector. You will find links  that are relevant to this project, such as URLs to the various beam tests. You will also find the relevant Slice Test and Peripheral-Crate Commisioning (“B904”) documents.



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 The Emu Slice Test is a precursor to the CMS-wide Magnet Test/Cosmic Challenge. The intention of the SliceTest is to configure a full slice of the EMu detector. Such a configuration involves using, as much as possible, the final modules and (software) tools. The system should be able to provide a cosmic trigger, respond to an external trigger, and deliver its data to the central DAQ.



EMU Slice Test, what’s new  &  next relevant meetings:


Slice Test Status

§  list of runs 

§  Crate 0: ME+2/1/14 and ME+2/2/27-28

§  Crate 1: ME+3/1/14 and ME+3/2/27-28

§  Crate 2: ME+1/1/27-29 and ME+1/2/27-29

§  Crate 3: ME+1/1/30-32 and ME+1/2/30-32





SliceTest Documents:

§  (low quality, ppt)


904 Documentss:



Previous EMu Test Beams Web Links:




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